Through research done for a project on behalf of one of SAMSA’s larger clients, we have found a company that we will be working with to provide a brand new service to our clients – voice and sms applications.

twilio-logoSAMSA works directly with Twilio, a leading company in telephone and sms services. Their client list includes Uber, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola.

Put simply, these are programs SAMSA can create for telephone voice systems and text messaging. These systems can be set up and used in a variety of ways to help businesses communicate faster and easier with clients and employees.

The system can be set up in a variety of ways to accommodate diverse businesses with different needs. One example would be a system that allows employees to communicate routine information easily in a text that will then be sent straight to software on your personal computer.

Text messages could be set to clients to tell them their order is complete, or to remind them of an upcoming appointment and confirm it.

Voice systems allow for callers to be routed to the correct department, allowing for more streamlined customer service.

Through the programs written by SAMSA and in the infrastructure provided by Twilio, we are able to provide an efficient system that would not have been affordable to most businesses. Instead of an inflated flat rate, you only pay for how many minutes or texts you actually use.

Medical professionals can also use our voice application to easily record their medical notes through their phones. These programs can be used to record, pause, and listen to your notes on your phone, and then save them to your computer.

We have already put in place a system for our client, Able Locksmith. The system we put together connects local locksmiths with an area manager, which then connects them with the calls that come in to the national line. The local employees are able to report back the outcomes of their service calls quickly and efficiently through texts.

For more information on voice and sms applications and how they can help streamline communication in your business, please EMAIL US or call us at 989.790.0507.