Samsa has helped us with our computer problems with great results at the Midland store. Having the computer class adds customer relationship. Thank you.

Ward Sansone

Just wanted to compliment your staff–they were so helpful to me the other day when I had a spyware (PUP) program I could just NOT remove from my computer.  Jeff B spent a lot of time both on the phone with me and accessing my computer here (in Florida) virtually.  He also had another of your tech persons help him to find and remove the program. Really appreciate their hard work and expertise. Sounds like SAMSA is thriving.  Good for you. And it’s nice to see enthusiastic, dedicated employees.

Elyse Rogers

I have had nothing but great experiences with SAMSA. They have helped me both personally and professionally. Personally, their talented team of technicians have saved my computer from more than one bad virus. Professionally they created a beautiful website that is not only nice to look at, but functions well and also shows up in Google searches. Aside from their skill in the world of residential computer repair, their friendly and helpful staff have always gone above and beyond to help me with every situation I come to them with. I know I will be using SAMSA for a long time, I hope you give them a shot too!

Michelle Brewster

This is THE best group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a very long time. They are family to Family Medicine Associates of Midland and to me.

Kathryn Danielson-Ledergerber

The people at SAMSA are incredible – they are experts in technology and, more importantly, they understand how best to help those of us who aren’t!

Dr. Tracy Weber

SAMSA and all of the people that work in the office are GREAT!  Their lightening fast response is unheard of.  I send an email and before I can leave my room…the phone rings.  They have helped me locate the right equipment and set up my office a few times and they are always so knowledgeable and PATIENT!  Technology-savvy, I am NOT.  I always recommend them to anyone I am talking with when it comes to their needs in this area.  Keep up the AMAZING work!

Linda Hohner

Conductor at Center Stage Youth Choirs, Lyrica, Music Teacher at Midland Montessori School

Just a note to thank SAMSA for offering a Windows 8 Class yesterday at the Midland Conference Center. It was very helpful to me and the instructor presented an excellent educational class. I appreciated the 3 Tech Service people floating around in the classroom helping the students. 

Thelma Diment

SAMSA has done a great job of removing the bloatware from my computers. Everything is working a lot faster now.

Al Kloha

Thank you so much! Your hard work was so appreciated! The staff here are so nice and willing to answer all your questions! I couldn’t be happier with the service I received! Thank you all around, especially Eric!

Kelly Marissa

Thank you so much for fixing my macbook screen!! 🙂  It was awesome, the guy who normally works at the Midland location who works on Apple products, came to the Saginaw location for me! I don’t think places do that very often! Definitely recommend.

Allison Yaklin


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