SPAM Filtering

Don’t let spam slow your business down. SAMSA can help.

spam filteringSpam is far more than a mere annoyance when viewing your inbox. Large amounts of spam are correlated with a slowdown in worker productivity, causing stress with the urge to review and delete massive amounts of unwanted mail. Additionally, spam can compromise security with malware, viruses and phishing attempts. Keep your employees safe and productive with SAMSA’s spam filtering service!

SAMSA’s spam filtering service is extremely flexible; we’ll customize the settings  to fit your organization’s needs. Our spam filtering rules may be applied globally for the entire email domain, or at the individual mailbox level.

Is your email hosted elsewhere?  SAMSA can filter your mail while it’s on the way to your mail server – the only difference you’ll see is a dramatic drop in spam volume!

Our spam rules engine is updated several times daily, so there’s no need for you to stay on top of emerging spam threats. And SAMSA’s spam service provides free telephone support in case you have questions or problems with your email.

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