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Do you need help defining your business needs, or recognize that something needs to be done, but aren’t sure just what the solution is?  Do you need to know “how to get there from here”?  The SAMSA development team has experience in a wide range of industries, and with several software and database platforms.  Our first mission with clients is to fully understand the current working environment.  Only then will we make recommendations based on our clients’ goals and budget.

Application Development

We all welcome more business! However, sometimes new business means more work that can stress informal or manual work systems beyond their limits. One of the most common requests that SAMSA receives is to examine a current work or data flow process, and suggest a technology solution that would increase throughput, efficiency, and accuracy. After an initial analysis session we are normally able to ascertain whether we have enough information to provide a proposal or if more analysis is required.

Application Integration

Does your enterprise have “islands of information” versus seamlessly integrated systems? Do you find areas where your staff are having to enter the same information into two (or even more) different systems? We are often asked to make use of Quickbooks Integration to connect line of business systems to the Quickbooks Accounting System. Other examples of application integration are automatic file imports and exports between disparate computer systems. No matter what your unique needs are, chances are that we can help!

VPN and Remote Workers

The Internet has provided many benefits for businesses. Among the most useful is the ability for remote workers or remote offices to connect to home offices using secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Accessing company systems without the need to travel provides huge savings, and widens the geography of potential workers. Modern hardware and software systems are VPN “friendly”, making it simple for non-technical workers to use these connections from home, or even from a mobile phone or tablet. Ask us how SAMSA can help your business benefit from VPN!

Mobile Technologies

While mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads, and other tablets are often first purchased as “toys”, businesses are increasingly finding they can also serve as inexpensive “portable computers”. Of course users are able to access email on tablets. But the increased working area that tablets offer over most smart phones means they can often be used to connect to computer desktops at a main office, without requiring workers to lug around a big laptop case. Do you need to stay in contact with your business while on the road? ASK US HOW!

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