Network and Server Backups

NEW: Bare Metal Disaster Recovery $25 monthly option. The quickest and most convenient way to recover from catastrophic system failure.

Data is a precious and recovering from unexpected data loss can be time-consuming and costly. Let SAMSA provide a server back-up that will not only use remote data servers and continuous data protection (CDP), but will guarantee simplicity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Our sophisticated remote backup software schedules automated backups that are stored at SAMSA’s server hosting facility. Your data is compressed and encrypted for security, then transmitted over the internet to SAMSA each day.  Our technicians monitor your backups to ensure they are running properly and if an issue does arise, we can resolve it without ever going onsite. SAMSA Remote Backup is an extremely affordable and convenient alternative to expensive and unreliable tape technology!

Fast Implementation

Our technicians can remotely install and configure SAMSA Backup quickly with no interruption to your business.

Minimal Requirements

SAMSA Backup supports Windows, SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V and VMware and low requirements means it’ll run on desktop computers and servers alike. With FastBIT 3 technology, our backups run efficiently on most broadband internet connections.

Personalized Settings

Knowing that no two businesses are alike, SAMSA Backup is designed to work for your needs with flexible file retention, compression rates and bandwidth. Local backups allow you to keep multiple copies of your data for piece of mind.

Safety & Security

We understand how critical privacy is for businesses. That’s why we encrypt your data using a secure AES 256-bit encryption before each backup. Then your data is securely transmitted to an offsite data center using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Easy File Recovery

With flexible options like remote restore, local system recovery, and the ability to restore files by date or location you can restore your crucial business data and recover from unexpected setbacks seamlessly.

Storage Space
Setup Fee $75
Monthly Cost $50 $75

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