Tech Support Scams

Fake Warning

You’re browsing the web, maybe checking your email or updating Facebook when a message appears: Your computer may be infected. Please call the following number for Technical Support. The exact message can vary, but the end result is the same: scam artists are using scare tactics to convince you to pay for so-called “tech support” to fix your computer. These technicians are usually based in a foreign call center and will assure you that they can fix your computer for a “modest” ($199 and up, usually) fee. At best, these people may only take your money while convincing you that they’ve repaired your computer. At worst, they install background software to spy on your computer while they attempt to steal any and all financial information they can get their hands on.

These scammers make their profits by targeting the not so tech-savvy with tactics meant to confuse and scare. The best way to combat this is with knowledge, so please help spread awareness and you might just save a friend or family member from being scammed out of their hard earned money.

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New IE Vulnerability Threatens Windows Users

Internet Explorer Vulnerability

The first major threat since the XPocalpyse arrived in the form of a new Internet Explorer vulnerability, dubbed CVE-2014-1776. First reported on April 26th by security vendor FireEye, the exploit could be used by malicious websites to give hackers the same user rights as the current user. FireEye also confirmed that the exploit isn’t theoretical- there are already cases of it being found in the wild.

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