Office 365 and Business Solutions

Tech Group Manager Ellen Mockridge and Customer Pleaser Jody Adams recently completed a Microsoft training event which focused on the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) related to email and office collaboration.  The primary Microsoft solutions that were discussed were Skype, Microsoft Azure, and Office/365, which is the new “cloud version” of Microsoft Office.

These SMB solutions help businesses with collaboration in real time and staying connected with employees as well as clients.  Ellen commented, “I feel the Azure backup solution would provide a more stable backup/DR (Disaster Recovery) environment for SAMSA’s customers.   Also for those SAMSA clients who currently have VMware, the migration to Azure is free.”

Jody said “One thing I thought was so cool is the collaborating ability. Office online allows multiple users to create, view and edit documents at the same time.”

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Office 365 Training