SAMSA Announces Risk-sharing eCommerce Offer

SAMSA of Saginaw, MI  USA is proud to announce a new risk-sharing eCommerce service offering, targeted toward customers that have not yet established an eCommerce presence on the internet.  The new offering is expected to increase SAMSA’s rate of closure of prospective eCommerce clients by 25% for the remainder of 2009.

SAMSA Web Department Manager Hillary Norfleet explains that often times prospective customers that have traditional ‘brick and mortar’ manufacturing, distribution, or retail businesses, and are seeking to expand sales through internet eCommerce, are understandably cautious concerning ROI from establishing an eCommerce presence.  SAMSA will severely discount installation and setup costs for new eCommerce customers in exchange for participation in sales revenues from the online shopping cart – there are specific conditions for new customers to qualify for the offer.

Mrs. Norfleet states “We’re putting our money where our mouth is with this new risk-sharing offer.  Where SAMSA is typically responsible for creating an eCommerce presence that allows merchants to independently maintain product catalogs (including descriptions and prices), we will be much more involved with these new customers.  We are so confident in our ability to create successful online shopping carts for our customers that we are willing to exchange the majority of our normal setup fees for a small portion of each sale from the new website.  We believe this offer will attract risk-averse merchants, and increase the number of proposals for new websites that are accepted.  We’re very excited about this new offering!”.

SAMSA President Michael Stackhouse states ‘We are excited at the prospect of helping more merchants make their products available on the internet, which is of course always open 24 by 7 around the world.  We have found that normal setup costs can be a barrier to smaller or less experience merchants, who may be uncertain if returns will be worth the investment.  SAMSA has set up more than 100 eCommerce online shopping carts for clients since 1996 – several of which have turned into multi-million dollar enterprises.  In these economic times small and medium size businesses need to make the most of every opportunity to sell their products – SAMSA remains committed to helping small and medium size manufacturers, distributors, and retailers realize their eCommerce goals.’

SAMSA has a successful website design and consultation practice – the SAMSA online project portfolio can be seen at  More details about the new offer can be seen at